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How to increase service life of bearing

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Bearing maintenance is very important. It is related to its service life and work efficiency. Knowing how to maintain the bearing used by itself benefits a lot. From the work aspect, it brings you high production efficiency and produces high-quality and precise products. From the economic aspect, several times of maintenance can extend the service life and save you a re purchase cost.

First, put the bearing into gasoline for cleaning, wipe off the oil mud and dust left on the bearing, and gently wipe and polish the rusty bearing with metallographic sandpaper until no roughness is felt by hand.

Dry the cleaned bearing with a dry rag, and then soak it in antirust oil. In this process, the bearing should be completely contacted with the antirust oil, and the bearing should be kept rotating, so that the oil film formed by the antirust oil can cover the surface of the bearing, so as to achieve the purpose of antirust

How to increase service life of bearing,Deep groove ball bearing
Next, apply lithium grease and butter evenly to the bearing surface, including the inner and outer rings, wheels and cages. And it is to wipe and rotate the bearing, so that the grease can really enter the bearing and play a full lubricating role.Deep groove ball bearing