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General bearing steel is mainly high carbon chromium bearing

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Strict chemical requirements

General bearing steel high carbon chromium bearing steel, carbon content is about 1%, 1.5% chromium, contains a small amount of manganese and silicon hypereutectoid steel. Chromium heat treatment can improve the function, hardenability, consistency, tempering stability, and can improve the anti-corrosion function and grinding function of steel. However, when the chromium content exceeds 1.65%, the residual austenite of the steel can be increased, the hardness and scale stability can be decreased, the inhomogeneity of carbides can be increased, and the impact toughness and fatigue strength of the steel can be decreased after quenching. Therefore, the chromium content of high carbon chromium bearing steel is generally controlled at 165%. As long as the chemical composition of bearing steel is strictly controlled, the arranged bearing function and hardness can be satisfied by heat treatment process.Deep groove ball bearing

Second, the size of high precision requirements

Rolling bearing steel requires higher dimensional accuracy, because most of them are formed by pressure bearing parts. In order to save material and improve labor productivity, most of the bearing rings are forged, the steel balls are cold or hot formed, and the small rolls are also formed by cold upsetting. If the scale accuracy of steel is not high, the expected size and weight can not be calculated accurately, the quality of bearing parts can not be ensured, and the damage of equipment and dies can be simply caused.

Third, particularly stringent purity requirements

Pure steel refers to the steel containing non-metallic inclusions, the higher the purity, the less non-metallic inclusions in the steel. The main reason of fatigue shedding of harmful oxide and silicate inclusions in bearing steel bearing in early stage is that the bearing life is obviously reduced. In particular, brittle inclusions are the most harmful, because the process of shedding is very simple from the metal substrate, which seriously affects the quality of bearing parts after completion. Therefore, in order to improve the service life and reliability of bearings, inclusions in bearing steel must be reduced.General bearing steel is mainly high carbon chromium bearing,Deep groove ball bearing